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Before I get socked for such statement (adorable Shakespearean names) – being that we live in an African community, let me get straight to the crux of this article. The headline above would have raised the question; what are we doing naming our kids western names? The thing is that I am a strong believer of having native names that has so much meaning and requires a deeper level of understanding to figure the implications of such names.

Since English is for a fact Nigeria’s Lingual Franca, this has made me come to a conclusion that it wouldn’t be much of a hassle adding English names of Shakespearean origin to our long list of long indigenous names like, Oluwadeaduramilade, Kosisochukwu etc.

Below are some suggestions:

  • Miranda – From The Tempest
    She is the only female character in this wonderful play. In they play she is specifically known for being compassionate.
  • Beatrice – From Much Ado About Nothing
    One of Shakespeare’s most fierce feminist characters, Beatrice is full of sharp wit and quippy one-worders.
  • Cordelia – From King Lear
  • So from the story, King Lear had three daughters and only one of them is good; it is Cordelia.
  • Caius – From Julius Caesar
    Okay yes!!! He’s the guy who planned Caesar’s assassination. But the name is still adorable, it means “Rejoice” in Latin.
  • Helena – From A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    A budding romantic.
  • Juliet – From Romeo And Juliet
    Because, duhh!!!
  • Titania – From A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    Queen of the fairies. Sounds pretty idyllic.
  • Orlando – From As You Like It
    So your son is a lover and not a fighter.
  • Sebastian – From Twelfth Night
    The name means “venerable and revered.” But in the Shakespearean comedy he’s just another shipwrecked twin who gets fished out of the ocean and becomes mistaken for his sister.
  • Rosalind – From As You Like It
    She spends most of the play dressed as a boy. But if you really don’t mind breaking the gender walls, here’s one.

Which of the above is your pick? Drop you picks in the comment box below.

But just if you aren’t satisfied with the above, we would have one with the best native names coming up. Stay tuned.

Author: Cerebral Lemon