1. Physical attraction doesn’t matter: Physical beauty fades with time. If you choose your partners solely based on physical attraction, you will lose your excitement in a few months.
  2. You don’t have many true friends: Most people do not care about you. There are only a handful of people in life who can be your true friends and support you in your time of need.
  3. Health is important: All your dreams, all your aspirations, everything you have ever done will turn into ashes if you lose your health. I have never seen anyone say: “I wish I ate more fast food when I was young.” Be healthy.
  4. Nobody has the answers: Why are we here? How can we be conscious? Is there a purpose in life? Nobody has answers. Most learn to ignore these questions, or pretend to know the answers.
  5. Money doesn’t matter: Above a certain threshold, money doesn’t matter. I have seen both miserable billionaires and the happiest guys with above-average financial conditions.
  6. Life is uncertain: Today, I am writing an article. Tomorrow, I might die from a road accident. Life sometimes brings surprises. Do not expect everything to go smoothly.
  7. You can’t live for others: This point is better explained by the experience of a young man who won International Science Olympiad medals at 15 to prove people wrong. When he did, people he tried to prove wrong said “he got lucky.” Later they started saying “he was privileged.” You simply can never prove everyone wrong. Live for yourself, not others.
  8. Pride is a poison: How many times you hesitated to call your friend because of pride? How many wonderful relationships were lost because of “pride”? Be the bigger person and call the person you love. You won’t regret it at the end.
  9. The universe doesn’t care about you: Out of 100 billion galaxies, out of 100 billion stars, and out of 8 planets, there you are reading this article. The universe is vast and you are just a grain of sand. You don’t matter in the universe (kind of takes the pressure off).
  10. That too shall pass: Both your happy and sad moments will pass. Nothing is forever. Learn to appreciate life.

Author: Yemi Olarinre