A suicide bomb attack in Maiduguri has killed two persons and left 19 other injured. This attack occurred right after a suicide bomb attack on a mosque was foiled in thesame state.

Sources gathered that the suicide bomber, identified as a male was disguised as a lunatic. He blew himself at the state secretariat around the post office area in the state capital at about noon.

The suicide bomber detonated the bomb at the entrance of the complex, near the security operative check point. This act killed the suicide bomber and the policeman at his duty post.

After the incident, the areas was placed under restriction by security operatives. The Civillian JTF has commenced investigation into the attack has.

The Governor of the state, Kashim Shettima has visited the scene of the blast and the state hospital where the casualties are receiving treatment.

The scene of the blast has since been vacated – civil servants from the secretariat and students from schools around.

Author: Cerebral Lemon