Back in April, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in Uganda, reportedly burnt thousands of the holy bible, claiming they were misleading his members.

Three months later, a lawsuit has been filed against him in Nabweru court. The plaintiffs are claiming the burning of several copies of the Holy Bible are in violation of Christian’s freedom of worship.

In the lawsuit which was filed by some Pastors representing over 200 Christians, they are seeking a court declaration that Bugingo’s acts or omissions of burning and destroying the Holy Bibles are illegal and unlawful, as it injures their religious feelings.

The pastors also contend that Bugingo’s actions are an attack and insult to all Christians who believe in the Bible.

They want the court to issue a permanent injunction, restraining Bugingo and his servants from further burning and destroying Bibles of several versions and making utterances, speeches, sermons or statements concerning the Holy Bible in a way that attacks, violates or insults their faith or religion.

The pastors also want the court to award them damages at a rate of 25 per cent from the date of judgment until payment is done and costs of the suit.

In the court document sighted by New Vision, it was stated that on April 4, 2016 (Easter Sunday), Bugingo collected or gathered several Holy Bibles of different versions, translations, and languages with the word Holy Ghost or missing scriptures and advised his flock or followers who are ‘not strong’  to burn or destroy it.

Nabweru court chief magistrate, Esther Nasambu who will preside over the case, has given Bugingo 15 days to file his defence on allegations of violating Christian’s freedom of worship by burning several versions of the Holy Bible.