It is now nearly two weeks since the National Assembly handed back the 2016 budget to the Presidency for final approval and signing, and the nation’s executive is still yet to give word on how soon the budget will be signed and passed as the President, Vice-President, Minister of Budget and National Planning and all other involved stakeholders are still reviewing the contents of the budget, even as the second quarter of the year has begun.

While some members of the National Assembly and most Nigerian citizens are becoming antsy about the dragging 2016 budget, the Executive is taking its time to assess and review and do not seem in such a hurry to pass the budget.
The Federal Executive Council yesterday met in Abuja and high up on the council’s agenda was the 2016 budget.

Even as talks and reviews are still on-going concerning the 2016 budget, Budget Minister, Udo Udoma revealed that the timetable for the 2017 budget has been approved, and plans were underway to ensure that it is passed before the end of this year.

They say a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush. Somehow Nigerians might not care much about next year’s budget when this year’s budget is yet to be implemented. Thus, the passing of the 2016 budget is one that is widely anticipated and awaited, especially following the scandal of missing projects tossed back and forth between the legislative and executive.

Hopefully, the passing and implementation of the budget is one that can begin simultaneously, thereby justifying the long wait and scratchy-itchy throats with effective implementation of projects especially following the billions of dollars that followed the trade agreements with the Chinese. Perhaps the long wait for the 2016 budget will be a blessing that has shed its disguise.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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