I like planning and more importantly, I love to attach time lines to my plans – this is actually the only way it is said to be a plan – when it is with deadlines.

Today, like many other days, I had woken up to reminders of how 2017 is near its end (no thanks to whatsapp broadcasters).

My usual approach is to pay it/them no mind but then again, a part of me started to bounce these thoughts in my head; how much have I achieved? What goals and targets have I met? etc. etc.

I sensed the gentle ting of a panic attack and I immediately discarded the many thoughts.

Much later, I sat to play around drawing images. My first attempt was a complete run down but I tried again and there it is; a more understandable image. (I am definitely miles away from ‘there’ but obviously miles away from where I started).

Note; I wasn’t under any form of pressure (consciously) to achieve the better image.

As the year runs out, it is okay to ruminate over your achievement or the lack of it and to dot your i’s.

What is not okay, however, is putting yourself under undue pressure.

Know your limits. Try again at your failed attempts removing every iota of pressure. We don’t usually get the best results under intense squeezing and crushing and stressing.

Cheers to however many days are left in the 2017.

Cheers again to you if you want to give it another shot.

You can do this (without pressure).

Author: Siju Yusuf