Bad post-eating habits

They are common habits, everyone engaged in them, so you joined the bandwagon and engaged in them too, without ever considering whether or not they’ll be bad for your health.

Below are some of these habits and their health implications:

1. Eating fruits

Fruits, along with the numerous health benefits it has is also very good for consumption as it digests quickly within 20 – 30 minutes and this digestion takes place in the intestine and not in the stomach like other foods. However, having it during a meal or just after a meal might not be a good idea. What turns out to be an advantage in digestion time would also turn out to be disadvantageous because they remain in the stomach until the meal has digested and start deteriorating and loses most of its nutritional value. Also, you begin to bloat and feel heavy.

2. Sleeping

When you go to sleep, your whole body system goes to sleep including your digestive system. Hence, sleeping immediately after eating is a habit that leads to heaviness and furthermore, obesity. You might want to sit upright for about 30 minutes before you sleep. You should also avoid lying down which can lead to a burning sensation because some of the digestive juices get to flow to the food pipe when in that position.

3. Bathing

It might feel refreshing especially after coming back from work. You want to quickly eat out of hunger, have your bath then sleep. Digestion of food however requires so much of blood circulation towards the stomach. But taking your bath or going for a dip changes the body temperature which increases the blood flow circulation near the skin so as to maintain normal body temperature. When we take a bath after a meal, the blood supply to the stomach decreases due to diversion of blood towards skin and thus digestion process suffers. So, re-arrange a bit. Have your bath first of all, eat, and sit up for about 30 minutes and then sleep.

Author: Cerebral Lemon