Relationships are hard work. For a relationship to succeed, it takes a lot of work from both parties. Each party has to have something they are bringing to the table. When that is lacking, it can lead to the quick death of the relationship. If a relationship won’t work, here are some reasons why;

– You’re just not ready: There is a readiness of mind and body that comes into play for a relationship to work. If you’re not ready to commit mentally to someone, no matter how hard you try, that relationship will not work. Regardless of what the other person does or doesn’t do, a relationship will only work if you are ready and determined for it to.

– Lack of trust: Trust is gold in every relationship, no relationship will not work if it is lacking. Many relationship experts or therapists create exercises for couples on the brink of separation called “trust exercises”. It is a way of telling how much you trust your partner for the important and defining things of life. If you can’t trust your partner with your life, that relationship will most likely not work.

– You are more in love with the idea of being married: The purpose of a relationship is companionship; having someone to share this life with, not necessarily to complete you but to support you. If your relationship is solely based on the idea of getting married either due to societal pressure as a result of age or the yearning for a picture-perfect Bella Naija worthy wedding, that relationship might have a hard time standing the test of time. Your relationship will not work if you are more preoccupied with the glitz and glam and outside opinion of a wedding and marriage, than on building a strong relationship itself.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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