The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) on Tuesday said that no fewer than 400 bidders were competing to participate in its capital projects for 2016.

The potential contractors are bidding for alternative revenue streams like canteens, clubs and car parks, communication centres and others; the disposal of scrap metals and other capital projects.

Mr Ben Iloanusi, the Deputy Director in charge of the corporation’s procurement said at the official unveiling of documents’ screening for the bidders in Lagos that the corporation had not commenced evaluation.

“The management of the Nigerian Railway Corporation is officially conducting a tender’s bid opening, an hour after the closing of submission of tender-bid documents,’’ he said.

Iloanusi said that NRC invited newsmen and non-governmental organisations to witness the event to ensure transparency and in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

“We are not evaluating yet or authenticating documents; we are only opening documents and confirming what the bidders have. The reason for this is for transparency,’’ he stressed.

In July, the NRC management published in some national dailies and federal tenders’ journal an invitation for technical and financial tender’s bids as required by law.

Iloanusi said that the date for evaluation and authentication of documents would be made public after this exercise.

He added that bidders who failed to include relevant documents in their tender’s bids would not be shortlisted for evaluation.

He said also that the exercise had become necessary to enhance fairness, openness, transparency and professionalism.

Author: Cerebral Lemon