Water is an essential part of life. According to the CIA World Fact book, water covers 71 per cent of the earth’s surface. BBC on the other hand reports that for the body to function properly, the body requires between one and seven liters of water per day to avoid dehydration; the precise amount depends on a number of factors such as the level of activity, temperature and humidity.

The function of water is so important in our body that it cannot be substituted with other liquids. Drinking water is thoroughly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The reasons to increase our water intake are numerous. Below, however, are five of the most important ones:

1. If you need to shed a few pounds or lose tremendous weight, drinking water can go a long way in your journey. Numerous studies have linked water consumption to weight loss. The explanation is that when you drink a lot of water, you feel full, and as a result consume fewer calories.

More explicitly, a new study shows that drinking two glasses of water 30 minutes before you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, will help you consume less amount of food and so in the end help you lose weight.

2. Using creams and lotions are not the only ways to keep the skin smooth and glowing. Drinking water is the healthiest way to ensure that your skin remains young.

It helps your skin to look good. Certain toxins in the body can cause the skin to inflame, which results in clogged pores and acne water can flush out these toxins and can reduce the risk of pimples.

According to WebMD, the skin contains plenty of water, and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss.

Atlanta dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, says that Dehydration makes the skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can be improved upon with proper hydration.

3. Wikipedia provides the statistics that pregnant women and breast feeding women need more water than any other person per day. The Institute of Medicine (U.S.) recommends that they should drink at least 10 cups to 12 cups of water per day to stay hydrated. For pregnant women, this is due to the large amount of fluid that is lost during nursing.

4. Psychologists have always stated the relationship between water and the mind. They say that to stay fresh and alert, a glass of water every now and then is important as it helps with concentration and focus. Also, instead of coffee, drinking water sometimes helps to lift tired eyes.

5. Drinking water also helps in reducing pain. Drinking water when one has aching joints and muscle cramps may get rid of the pain.

WebMD advises that to increase your water intake, eat more fruits and vegetables as their high water content will add to your hydration. Also, ensuring that one drinks water with every meal is a way to increase water intake.

Author: Ope Adedeji