The Good wife

The Good wife

I love watching movies and TV shows. Most people do. If not, filmmakers won’t be raking in the large sum of money they do week-in-week-out. For me, however, nothing beats watching movies and TV shows that teaches me important lessons – there’s not a lot of that nowadays.

Here’s a list of 10 movies and TV shows that will definitely teach you one or two things about business:

  1. The Good Wife

The Good Wife tells the story of Alicia Florrick, a former stay-at-home mother who tries to revive her career in law after her husband, a District Attorney, is caught in a scandal that almost ruins his political career.

Now in its final season (seven), all through the years we have followed Alicia as she battles to revive her career while taking care of her children and many other things in her life. Also, we see how she is able to build her own law firm, rebuild it after it crumbles several times, and then rebuild her career.

  1. Silicon Valley

What Silicon Valley will teach you is how to not get screwed over by your naiveté and ignorance.

The show follows the lives of a Richard Hendricks, a former employee of Hooli (a parody of Google) and now a startup founder, and his small team of coders and business associates trying to ‘make it’ in Silicon Valley, California. It’s a lovely comedy show; the third season will start airing from April 24, 2016.

  1. The Big Short

This movie is an attempt at explaining what went down during the 2008 Global Financial Meltdown. It will show you what it’s like to have the whole world against you.

  1. Breaking Bad

The main character of this show, Walter H. White, goes from being a small time chemistry teacher to becoming a drug lord. Breaking Bad will teach you how to deal with competition and expansion.

  1. The Men Who Built America

The American economy is built on the backs of slavery and capitalism, and this docudrama epitomizes all that. It attempts to tell us how capitalism, ruthlessness and entrepreneurship contributed to making the US the world’s most powerful nation.

Author: Cerebral Lemon