Since the demise of Steve Jobs, it’s been a faster than speed of light nosedive in quality for Apple products.  This is largely because the people running the show at Apple have no idea what they are doing.

It used to be that “good enough” was never good enough for Steve Jobs. Today at Apple, they don’t mind putting out half ass stuff that doesn’t work. I don’t care if you have facial recognition or not, I prefer the 100 per cent accuracy of my biometric finger print to open my phone.

Steve Jobs would never have let the Apple Pencil be charged sticking straight out from the side of the iPad. Who does something that stupid?

Then the new Apple wireless mouse had to be charged with a port on the bottom of the device that keeps you from using it while it is charging?! I mean who does that? I am not sure what design school these people went to and who at Apple management thinks that kind of stuff is Ok?

Then there is the MacBook 12.5″ that only has 1 port. So if you want to charge the device, use a USB Thumb drive, listen to music on wired headphones or do anything else, you can’t. Oh, and by the way, when it is charging, the WiFi doesn’t work.

And speaking of wired headphones, Apple was the first to remove the headphone jack in the iPhone7, they said to make room for the battery and to make the phone waterproof.

But Samsung has had waterproof phones for years with a headphone jack and still managed to find room for the battery.

Apple doesn’t put engineers to solve problems anymore. The adapter they include will let you listen to music, but you can’t charge your phone at the same time?! Who does something that monumentally stupid? Apple, that’s who!!!

If there is any advantage to all this chaos in the Apple world, it is the fact that 3rd party accessories to solve all these problems are going crazy. But each of them is so ugly that Steve Jobs would likely roll over in his grave every time they release one.

Welcome to the new Apple… “Think Rarely”.

Author: Yemi Olarinre