Sometimes, weekday mornings can be such a drag. Readjusting after a blissful night of rest to waking up so early just so you can have a few extra minutes in front of the mirror to look your best at work and beat the nasty traffic. All the while screaming “bring back the weekend” in your head.

Imagine your frustration when you realize your nail chipped off, t-zone is super oily or your hair is extra frizzy all in the attempt to get to the office on time. We know these little mishaps have a way of causing ripple effects that end up ruining your whole day or worse your entire week and so here are our top 5 beauty fixes using easy to find alternative products or items that will help you rise above these emergencies without baiting a single eyelash or losing a nail.

  1. No nail file? Grab a matchbox!

Matchboxes are great substitutes for nail files, as their rough edges are known to produce the same effect as the surface of a nail file. Using its rough striking surface as a makeshift nail file will definitely do the trick.

  1. Mascara , Lip stains & Eyeliners for Nail Polish

Don’t stop dead in your tracks half way into the office when you discover that  your once perfect pedicure has been ruined with a chipped nail polish, just whip out your make up purse and choose a lip stain, mascara or eyeliner with matching hues or one close enough to your nail vanish and apply . Viola! It is as good as new.

  1. Hand Creams for Frizzy Hair

You probably forgot about your hair in your bid to get dressed quickly because the last time you checked, it was just fine but now it’s gotten all spongy and your trusted serum is sitting pretty on your dressing table. Don’t fret, hand creams always come in handy. Rub a small quantity in between your palms and use to sleek your hair thus eliminating the frizz.

  1. Too Much Hair Product? Try Face Wipes

Who would have ever thought that face wipes aren’t just for faces but could be used for a bunch of other things, like removing excess hair products from your hair, like oil/serums, gel and edge control. Simply wipe your hair in one or more sweeps depending on how necessary with the face wipes and your hair will be just fine!

  1. Hand Sanitizers as Deodorants

Are you about to step out into the heat or headed for that important meeting and don’t trust the efficacy of your deodorant? Make your way into the bathroom, apply squirts hand sanitizer on your palm and dab in on your pits. The alcohol in the sanitizer kills the bacteria and sops up some the oils, which cause your underarm to break out in sweat.


These fixes are temporary and are only designed to carry you through work or a short period before a more permanent solution can be applied.

Author: Cerebral Lemon