Photo Source: Cory Blaz

Photo Source: Cory Blaz

Traffic is synonymous with Lagos, Lagos is synonymous with traffic. The traffic is only bearable for Lagosians who spend most of their time on the road in traffic because of gala, and coke. For others, superyogo is a better alternative to coke. This combination has saved Lagosians many times from that rumbling noise in their stomach right inside a stand still traffic.

With that said, it is important to replace that noise with something that makes the ride of Lagosians in traffic a whole lot more bearable. I’m guessing you read my mind already, yes, why won’t you, the headline gave it all away. Music in traffic is the only potent substitute for noise. Make a playlist with these songs and head on to the road with positivity! – in a public bus of course.

  • Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the waves: It’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s more of the tune, even though it’s themed about romance. It will make you imagine the blue sunny sky on a beach and not pay attention to the bodies crammed into you.
  • Starships – song version by the Glee cast: Because that version is cleaner and naturally, we need that feeling of being way above your present situation. Touch the sky and groove – in your head.
  • On top of the world by Imagine Dragons: Even better if you get to watch the video, but the song does just fine with easing.
  • Best day of my life by American Authors: Just perfect if you encounter that traffic in the morning, best thing, it works fine in the evening too.
  • Finally, close all that groove with What a Wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. Try not to fall asleep, it’s that soothing.

Have a great ear fiesta!

Author: Cerebral Lemon