To Barcelona fans, Lionel Messi, is like a god, to objective football players, however, the diminutive Argentine star is a brilliant footballer, one of the best ever. No one has the right to fault a god, but a great footballer? He’s human after all.

The elevated position Messi is held at by some fans will make them want to punch the writer of this piece right through their screen, not minding shattering the poor screen in the process.

If you are a Barcelona fan, you might want to hold that thought for a bit, read through and see if you’ll find a little ‘sense’ in the points itemized below:

  1. Losing the World Cup Final (and tournament as a whole)

This is the point we all saw how lost our hallowed magician is without his Barcelona system. The Argentine team coasted on defence to get through against the tougher opponents, while Messi with all his ability couldn’t muster anything to help win the game.

  1. Retiring from International duty

What a master class of deflection that was. Instead of allowing for a detailed analysis of how Messi didn’t score a single important goal in the, rushed to organise Copa America 2016, the talk was about Messi retiring.

There was no talk about how well Argentina played vs. Chile in the group stage without him, but there was all the untruths about the FA begging him to come back, how important he was to them for footballing reasons, when the reality was, Argentina would see a dip in revenue without Messi.

  1. Sensations

When Bayern thrashed Barcelona in the 2012/2013 Champions league semifinal, in the return leg Messi didn’t want to hurt his legacy so decided that he was injured, feeling “sensations” in his legs. Instead of making a sacrifice to help his team beat the 4 – 0 deficit, he sat biting his nails, not even trying to encourage his team mates from the sidelines. That season he was always “injured” for the important games but perfectly fit when he was playing in La Liga.

  1. Walking

In April 2014, a couple of months away from the WC, Messi decided he wasn’t interested in playing for Barcelona any more. In the Champions league against Ateltico he made literally no attempt to play or even try to help his team, this time he wasn’t on the bench having sensations. He walked aimlessly for most of the game. His game against Madrid in the Copa Del Rey Final was even worse. His entire focus wasn’t on helping Barcelona win anything, it was all on Argentina.

  1. More Money, More Problems

Getting a new contract shouldn’t really be newsworthy, except if it’s happening every year. Messi got a new contract in 2012, 2013, 2014 and then in 2017. That’s four new contracts with bumper pay rises in the space of 5 years.

Then comes along his tax fraud case. Pleaded all the time his father was in charge, but what person doesn’t care where his money goes? I don’t care who you are, you will take account of your money if you have a penny or a million or a billion.

The last act on his tax case was to exchange his sentence for 250,000, I hope the Spanish Authorities watch the news, because Panama Papers and football leaks are not going away. Charity fraud and other allegations of corruptions are coming ….

Author: Yemi Olarinre