Have you ever found yourself in that pool of amazement and confusion that almost leaves you to envy and to wonder how someone would be so loved and adored by people?

While you give this a cursory look, you figure this ‘someone’ is not even a philanthropist, the ‘someone’ could even be more disadvantaged than you are, maybe even poor.

At this point, all you want to do is find out the secret could be. Well, it’s very simple if you’re ready for a change.

The secrets that make these people so irresistible needs no ultimate search but careful examination and below are 6 practical steps for you to take if you’ll become a man of the people.

  1. Give people the feeling of importance (Make people feel important)

You cannot be disrespectful to people and want them to love you. Neither can you be drawn towards someone who always appears always rude in his dealings with others. So when you treat people with equal respect, you’ll become irresistible to them. Never look down on those who are lower to you in age, status or position, give them deserving honours. Also, give due respect to those above you. Let this be applicable to all and sundry. Don’t discriminate while doing this.

  1. Be Free Around Them (Interact with people)

You shouldn’t only be free around them, but make them always comfortable; even if you’re meeting them for the first time. Compliment them and say good things about them. Talk about their wears, smiles and beauty. Ask about their fairings and spread the breeze of smiles. Listen to them while they talk. Don’t be engrossed with talking about yourself or try to steer the conversation towards yourself. Rather make them talk, open up and listen attentively. Remember their names and everything they tell you. This kind of attention makes others feel wanted and makes them feel special. Thereby making people feel connected to you automatically.

  1. Be yourself (When you’re not, others can tell)

Don’t go out making conscious effort to make people love you, just be you – the real you is lovable. Don’t tell lies. Be humble but don’t eat a humble pie. Don’t brag. Don’t deceive them or flatter them about what you say about them. Be very upfront about anything and everything. Honesty is the key to get yourself become people’s choice.

  1. Always look good

And this goes to the root of dressing. It’s impossible for someone who dresses horribly to win people’s heart. When the hair us unkempt, the face looks dry or greasy like an oil bridge, the dress is rough – not ironed, one gets unimpressive attention. But when you dress well, you’ll be people’s choice. But note that there is a difference between dressing well and dressing sexy. Someone who dresses well gets the attention of all, irrespective of their religion, belief or race. When you present yourself well and cute (not sexy) to people, you’ll become lovable to them.

  1. Always keep a smiling face

When you dress well and are ready to exhibit the above stated characters with a too serious look and a nothing-looking face, you’ll find it difficult to achieve your aim of being people’s choice without wearing the veil of smile, irrespective of your mood (smiling is not the absence of pain). Smiling does not only make people love you, it makes you look beautiful and handsome too. In fact, sometimes we fall for a person’s smile more than their personality or their looks.

So while you exhibit the above four, lace them with the beads of smile.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi