Are you bored with your current look or wardrobe choices?Ever wondered what it will take to reinvent your style? Cerebral Lemon’s got you covered, here are 5 fail proof ways to making the most of your style right now.

  • Back to Basics –

It is always important to shop basic pieces such a pair of pants, a nice blouse or a blazer. These basics form the building blocks of your wardrobe as it helps you mix and match when putting your outfits together.

  • Fashion Fades but Style is Eternal –

Do not to fall so hard and fast for trends. Always make a habit of purchasing classic pieces and be weary of fast fashion. Be mindful the next time you are about to indulge in some retail therapy by ensuring you buy items that help build and suit your personal style.

  • Dress for Your Body Type –

Life is too short to wear unflattering clothes. Too tight, too big, too short, too small wouldn’t fly this time! Make sure your clothes accentuate and highlight your best features and play down your flaws.

  • Experiment A Little –

Try new things! Play around with colors, prints, cuts and shapes. If you are not quite the daring type, don’t take the go hard or go home approach, experiment small doses and watch out for the reactions you get from people not forgetting that ultimately it is your choice and how you feel that matters in the end.

  • Wardrobe Weeding –

With all that shopping/ reinventing, comes many responsibilities. Weeding! Yes, the process of removing unwanted, unused, unflattering and unloved clothes from your closet is most essential. I am never one for accumulating junk, so why not give them out to a friend, charity or simply dispose of them.

Let us know what you tried or how far you’ve come. Goodluck!

Author: Cerebral Lemon