1. I’M SORRY – The ability to apologize is a very necessary and important quality. Many people do not know how to apologize for wrong doing, whether to someone older or younger than them. It is easy to beg forgiveness from someone older than you, but to apologize to someone younger shows great humility, but it also begets respect.

2. THANK YOU – Always be willing to show appreciation and gratitude for acts done. A “thank you” uttered opens the door for more opportunities to be thankful and grateful for.

3. PLEASE – When requesting or asking, it is always polite to begin with a “please”. A request is more likely to be granted or favorably responded to when preceded with a polite “please”.

4. I FORGIVE YOU – A forgiving heart is a kind heart and it is only a kind heart that will be open to receive. When you are offended, be open to forgive. When you forgive, you heal both yourself and the other party, but the forgiveness is more for your good than them.

5. I LOVE YOU – Love shows affection, trust, appreciation, acceptance and a host of other human feelings. The ability to freely love is one that we have all been created with. It not only opens our hearts to the beauty of life and our true nature, but it also opens other people’s heart to us.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.