I bet you’ve been waiting for your face shape and to know what frames fit. You are in luck if your face shape remotely resembles the model in our opening picture, this clearly means, you’ve got a round face! Go on! Dig in and thank us later.



Women with round face shapes have more rounded and often distinctive features; full cheeks, rounded jaw lines and no angles, with their facial measurements being similar in height and width. When choosing the perfect shades, it is important to balance out the curves with rounded frames that are slightly wider than cheekbones.


  • Outline – Smooth / Rounded
  • Eyebrows – Curved / Arched
  • Eyes – Full / Rounded
  • Cheeks – Soft/Round/ Plump
  • Nose – Short/ Full/ Small
  • Lips – Full/Rounded
  • Chin – Soft/Rounded


round round1 round2 round3 round4 round5


Creative Direction – Ifeoma Williams

Photography – August Udoh

Styling – Yumie

Styling Asst. – Favor Olugu & Kayito Nwokedi

Makeup – Bimpe Onakoya

Hair – Hair Kraft

Models – Beth Models

Eyewear – DapMod

Author: Cerebral Lemon