Today we’ll be discussing Square shapes. This facial feature is angular and quite strong with the most prominent feature being the squarish jawline. Here’s how to find frames that fit for square shaped faces.


Women with square face shapes would do well with similarly  shaped frames as those with round faces, albeit with a bit of roundness at the corners. to soften their jawlines and compliment their prominent straight sides, wide forehead, cheekbones and plump cheeks.


  • Outline – Straight / Angular
  • Eyebrows – Straight / Angular
  • Eyes – Almond
  • Cheeks – Prominent bones
  • Nose – Thin/Straight/Aquiline
  • Lips – Thin/Straight
  • Chin – Straight / Angular

square square1 square2 square3 square4 square5 square6


Creative Direction – Favor Olugu & Kayito Nwokedi

Photography – August Udoh

Styling – Yumie

Makeup – Bimpe Onakoya

Hair – Hair Kraft

Models – Beth Models

Eyewear – DapMod

Author: Cerebral Lemon