We’ve come to the end of the 50 Shades series and we sure hope you’ve been able to get a thing or two about the various face shapes and how to find frames that accentuate and highlight your facial structure. We also hope this has made frame shopping (Sunglass or Medicated) way easier. Let us know in the comments what your take is on the subject and  your experiences since the tutorial. However just before we wrap up, here’s all you need to know on the final face shape, Oval.


The perfect face shape with the forehead slightly wider than the chin and softly curved jawline. The key thing here is being able to maintain a good balance between the facial structure and proportions by using rounded frames and curved edges.



  • Outline – Smooth / Rounded
  • Eyebrows – Curved / Arched
  • Eyes – Full / Rounded
  • Cheeks – Soft/Round/ Plump
  • Nose – Short/ Full/ Small
  • Lips – Full/Rounded


oval oval2 oval3 oval4Credits

Creative Direction – Favor Olugu & Kayito Nwokedi

Photography – August Udoh

Styling – Yumie

Makeup – Bimpe Onakoya

Hair – Hair Kraft

Models – Beth Models

Eyewear – DapMod

Author: Cerebral Lemon