“How can I tell they like me?” That’s the big question everyone asks when they meet someone new. How do you know that they feel the butterflies you feel too? It’s a hard bet and there are no surefire rules to knowing if your partner is in love with you.

Here are a couple of sure fire signs that shows they’re not exactly so much into you:

– They never make out time to see you: Relationships feed off of physical contact. We love to see our partners and significant others and we love to see them frequently. If they never seem to want to make time out to see you, always seem too ‘busy’ and appear reluctant to spend time together, it’s most likely because they don’t particular have the hots for you.

– They never call or send a message: Communication is another big part of a relationship and so if they’re not trying to make an effort to contact you via at least one of the many means of communication available today, it’s probably because they’re just not into you and can’t be bothered making an attempt to talk with you.

– They only see you when it’s convenient for them: If even when they do decide to see you, it only happens when it’s convenient for them or when they’re bored or have no one else to hang out with, they’re not so much interested in you.

– They’re reluctant to be seen in public with you: A relationship that is out in the public is one that both partners are ready to reveal to the world, but if they always seem reluctant to see you in the day or around gatherings where they might meet friends and family, it’s possible that they just don’t like you or they’re vampires that have no friends and family because they’re all dead. Either way, run, that’s just a disaster in the making.

– They try to avoid introducing you to friends and family: If they do manage to be with you in public places, but they’re not so open to introduce you to friends or family, or avoid the ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ word when introducing you, or call you a ‘friend’ or ‘colleague’ or don’t even go further than introducing you by your name, it’s best to get up and out of that situation, ’cause they’re just not into you.

– They never talk about the future: As much as women are the ones that like to define a relationship, men also are intensely territorial and like to know if the female they are with can be ‘marked’, either way, at some point in the relationship, they should want to determine what the future holds. However, if they’re not forthcoming with a plan or idea of what the relationship is, it’s because they just don’t have one because they’re just not so much into you.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.