Lincoln Michel, Editor-in-chief of put together a guide for emerging and new writers on how to get published in literary magazines.

Below are a few takeaways. You can find the entire article here.

Make your beginning captivating: Editors might not have the chance to read your entire story especially if there are many submissions. So make sure your beginning is captivating and attractive because it just might be the only thing the editor reads before deciding if it is worth giving a closet look into.

Be persistent: No matter how good your story is, it might not get picked by an editor. You might have to submitted your story to dozens more magazines before it will eventually be published.

Don’t submit your story to too many or just any literary magazine: Take time to find out what magazines publish work you find interesting and submit to them.

Don’t focus on only submitting to magazines that can pay you for your work: Most literary magazines operate with little to no budget so their inability to pay is more from a lack of funds than a bid to rip you off.

Don’t freak out over your cover letter and keep it short and simple: Also, don’t summarize your story, relay your life story, or describe the psychology behind how or why you write. The editor doesn’t even really need your cover letter so the smaller the information included the better.

Follow the submission guidelines: And unless otherwise stated, use the standard formatting for manuscripts. You can follow this guide.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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