Since Beyonce’s song flawless led us to straight to our  local drug store or dermatologist in the bid to find cosmetics and beauty products that vow to give us that radiant glow just so we can show off to our friends and anyone who cares to look how great our skin looks and feels even without make up while we chant the “i woke up like this” chorus religiously.

As much as i am a believer in these beauty products, regimens and brand, however, there are certain key routines to having beautiful skin i recommend that you try. Although, not dependent most on beauty products, these routines are  lifestyle choices that every woman has to imbibe in order to have great skin. They include the following;


  • Workout

Exercise delivers oxygen to the skin and helps it circulate and by so doing, gives you radiant after workout glow. However you gotta keep working out or exercising to retain that glow.

  • Eat Right

You know what they say, “You are what you eat”. Well that’s so true. Make a conscious effort to stop the junk food and commit to a health diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E ,K and alpha and beta carotene. All of which help your skin stay rejuvenated and fresh.

  • Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad for your health and inevitably bad for your skin. Smoking literally sucks out the oxygen from your tissues and hence your skin which leads to dehydration, dull or sallow skin and diminish  glow.

  • Drink Water

Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

  • Don’t Pick your Face

As much as it is hard to resist, picking your face /pimples /zits not only leaves dark spots on your face, they could also leave scars. Always use acne specific  treatments for your face and if you must pick your face be reminded to use the designated extractor tool, making sure your hands are clean and dry.

  • Wear Sunscreen

Wearing a minimum SPF 30 everyday goes a long way in protecting your skin from harsh ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun.4

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps unclog your pores by expelling dirt from your skin regular soap and wash can’t reach. This process helps your skin absorb all your skincare product hence making the products more effective.

Author: Cerebral Lemon