The mindset that transcends all aspects of life, both material and spiritual, is… FILTERING.

What do I mean when I say you must acquire a mindset to FILTER everything that comes your way?

I mean:

  1. Filter what you put in your mouth, whether that’s food or drink or medicine: Don’t let yourself eat or drink junk. Eat a balanced diet. Question the medication prescribed to you to make sure it’s absolutely necessary and has no less harsh or upsetting alternatives.
  2. Filter what comes OUT of your mouth: Watch your speech carefully. Listen first and speak only later. Be concise and to the point. Strive to contribute something positive and useful to the other person when speaking.
  3. Filter what comes into your ears and your eyes: Listen only to people and to music that enrich your life in some way. Avoid things that are harmful to your eyes and mental and physical well-being. Read books that improve your life in some tangible way.
  4. Filter the people you spend time with: You’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Choose very carefully and pare away people from your circle that drain your energy and bring bad things like envy/jealousy, gossip/slander and worse. Life is too short to deal with a-holes that prevent you from achieving your potential.
  5. Filter carefully how you spend your time: Ask, is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goals as a human, professional, family member, artist, scientist, etc.? If not, drop it and do something more productive/constructive ASAP. Seek meaningful experiences above accumulating material goods that add little to your life. Take a digital Sabbath at least one day a week. Stop all electronics 2–3 hours before bed.
  6. Filter the information streams that come your way: Pare away garbage that brings out the worst human emotions in you (jealousy, envy, anger, hate, etc.). Block people and influences in your life that take away from your precious time and ability to focus. Organize your information streams (especially in email, online and on social media) in a way that is manageable, thorough and available for you to access when you have the bandwidth.
  7. Filter your spiritual influences: Each person has his path in life and sooner or later seeks a spiritual guide. Find one that shows before he tells and leads by example. Favor actions over words in those whose model you follow spiritually.
  8. Adjust and clean your filters periodically: People change and mature with age. What worked at 20 may no longer work at 25 or 30 and what did it for you at 30 won’t do at 40. Everything in moderation… Especially moderation.

Once you’ve acquired a filtering mindset, you will have acquired higher standards, confidence in your own abilities and independence from the many corrupting forces all around you.

Most importantly, this process will bring you much closer to what you were meant to do in life.

Author: Yemi Olarinre