He describes himself not as a motivational speaker but as an informational speaker. What this means is that he is a facts gatherer, an information hunter, a blender of these facts and knowledge to answer long unanswered questions.

Of the many long unanswered questions, we find ourselves wanting to know what makes one successful. At this point, it will be safe to state that success is quite different for everyone – more explanatory, it is a relative subject. What success is to an individual differs from person to person.

This leads us to why Richard’s recommendation would be helpful. The information Richard gathered were pulled from across careers, people, personalities. In 10 years, he collected a thousand and more success stories, 500 face-to face interviews with people in the art, technology, business, design, education, film directors, actors, architects, authors, scientists, web developers and even jugglers. The list is endless with and impressive pallete of information that is trustable.

He organized all of these data line by line with a criteria of traits that helped them achieve success. The results reveal the big factors that are common in all of these data (people). From Bill Gates to the guy you don’t know because he is an astrophysicist.

Passion, love what you do.

Work really really hard (he mentioned on really, but let’s allow the emphasis).

Focus on one thing, not everything.

Keep pushing yourself.

Allow ideas and allow me add, be open to new ones.

Keep improving yourself, I’ll add too, never stop learning.

Serve others something of value.

Persist, because there is no overnight success.

Lastly, he added not to forget skills that are relevant to your particular field or idea.

Author: Cerebral Lemon