The book publishing business is largely a developing industry in Nigeria and perhaps Africa as a whole. For this reason, there are not many book publishers in Nigeria, just as the reading culture is abysmal.

In recent years, however, book publishing and reading have witnessed some slight improvements. The rise of many young and budding writing talents has created a platform for readers within and outside the continent.

Beyond coming up with and creating genius manuscripts, writers must find publishers willing to put their books together and help them to disseminate same.

While book publishing might not be a very popular industry in Nigeria, there are many publishers – both old and new – that cater to the fresh crop of budding young minds seeking for new materials to pore over.

Below is a list of nine Nigerian publishers who can be credited for changing the face of Nigeria’s literary culture:

1. Kachifo Limited

Kachifo Limited is an independent Nigerian publishing house set up in 2004 by Muhtar Bakare. It is the publisher of Farafina Books, Farafina Tuuti, Farafina Breeze, Kamsi, Prestige Books and Farafina Magazine until the suspension of its publication in 2009. It has also established a non-profit trust, Farafina Trust, to promote literature and literary skills in Africa. It has published numerous titles from some of Africa’s most celebrated authors.

2. Parrésia Publishers

This is a Lagos-based publishing company that houses teams of diverse professionals with the sole aim of producing great books. Parrésia Publishers Ltd has four imprints – Parrésia Books, Origami Books, Ọmọde Mẹta (which is set to begin this year) and Cordite Books.

3. Kraft Books Limited

Based in Ibadan in the southwest and founded over two decades ago, Kraft Books Ltd., has the vision of producing high quality literary, tertiary and general interest books for students and the reading public for the purpose of knowledge, research and scholarship.

4. Bookvine Publishers

Bookvine Publishers is an independent Nigerian publisher of fiction, non-fiction and other general interest books. It began business in July 2011 as the book publishing imprint of Vine Media Services, a media and communication consulting firm and has since grown into a full-fledged publishing company registered as Bookvine Global Publishers International Limited.

Bookvine Publishershas more than 30 titles and counting till date and boasts of having worked with more than 30  home-grown, Nigerian authors. It offers both self-publishing and traditional publishing services with the aim to provide equally professional services on both platforms.

5. Cassava Republic

This is a small, but established publishing brand set up in 2006 with a reputation for bringing out high quality fiction and non-fiction scripts for adults and children alike and with a mission to change what the world and Africans think about African writing. It is its aim to build a new body of African writing that links writers across different times and spaces.

6. Heinemann Publishers

HEBN Publishers Plc (formerly Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Plc) was originally established in Nigeria as a sales outlet of Heinemann Educational Books, UK in 1962.

The company was incorporated in 1969, but in 2006, it went public by getting listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It has been in the forefront of educational and general publishing in Nigeria for over 50 years. The company’s strength is an efficient administration, sound financial management, a strong publishing team and a dynamic sales and marketing force.

7. University Press PLC

UPPLC is Nigeria’s largest and first indigenous book publisher. University Press PLC (UPPLC) was founded in 1949 under the name of Oxford University Press Nigeria, and has grown to become a forefront publisher of materials for both educational and general reading.

8. Quramo Publishing

Quramo Publishing Limited (QPL) is an independent publishing company committed to producing the highest quality content for various audiences. It currently has four imprints: Q Books, Mango Books, The Quramo Report, and CLRN Direct, with more imprints to come. QPL’s goal is to publish a range of titles, from cultural history to contemporary fiction and non-fiction as well as academic and specialised work; works that preserve the stories of significant events and distill the spirit of their time.

9. Ankara Press

This is a new imprint of Cassava Republic Press that is aimed at bringing African romance fiction scripts into the bedrooms, offices and hearts of women the world over. Its mission is to publish a new kind of scripts in which the thrill of fantasy is alive, but realised in a healthier and more grounded way.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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