Late last year and early this year, several African news sites and blogs carried headlines stating that US Presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump remarked that Africans are lazy and only good at making love and stealing at an event in Indianapolis. However, is this really true?

The earliest report of this incident was mentioned on 25th October 2015 with no date and no mention on the kind of event at all. A simple public search reveals no mention of Trump ever speaking in Indianapolis in October 2015. None of the sites reproducing the news stories have mentioned any sources or named the event to back up their reports.

What discredits the story even further is that no credible American news sites have covered such controversial remarks. If news outlets have covered his more subtle racist remarks, is it really plausible that they would ignore such an outrageous statement by an American candidate while non-American outlets would be the first to pick up on an American candidate’s actions?

The story is sketchy and very improbable at best. Donald Trump has said and done many ridiculous things, but calling Africans lazy is not one of them.

Author: Cerebral Lemon