After 25 years of anarchy and war, Somalia is finalising plans to hold democratic elections, finalise its constitution and partition the country into states and constituencies.

Al Shabaab is a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda that has been determined to disrupt the political process and progress of Somalia.

Though the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) has stood in opposition to the group since 2007, Al Shabaab has recently doubled its efforts, ambushing AMISOM bases with attacks and suicide bombings.

These attacks have been destabilizing the Somalian government and many wonder if peaceful elections and transfer of power will be able to hold in the country.

Assassinations of the group’s leaders and high-ranking officials have left it unfazed as more and more new trainees are ready (and able) to step into the shoes of their militant predecessors.

Even with protection and security from African and U.S. troops, it remains clear that Al Shabaab is a product of the poor standard of living and unemployment in Somalia and are a force that cannot be ignored.

Author: Yemi Olarinre