The Rise of Anti-intellectualism. Dumb seems to be celebrated here in the United States. People who read books are looked at as pompous, boring nerds who can’t relate to “real Americans.”

Our president is a moron. The same people who want to kick immigrants out of our country couldn’t pass the citizenship test themselves.

Movies are the same dumb sequels and remakes.

Reality television regularly celebrates stupid, making celebrities out of run of the mill morons. And the worst part is, these unintelligent people don’t even know they’re dumb!

They regularly assert opinions as fact, talk over people far smarter than themselves, decree the opposing viewpoints of experts are “fake news.”

They can skim one article on the internet and announce with great certainty they are now an expert in the field.

Now I know this is a problem in many parts of the world, but it really disappoints me here in the United States.

We’re a country that affords so much opportunity to its citizens and so many freedoms. The fact that so many people are choosing to not read, to not enlighten themselves, to not strive for progress and the betterment of society blows my damn mind.

Why choose dumb when you have every opportunity to do better?

Source: Quora

Author: Yemi Olarinre