Due to the helplessness and frustration some American writers feel at seeing a ‘truly dangerous political figure’, as they put it, running for American President, 472 of them have signed an open letter opposing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

The signers include 10 Pulitzer Prize winners, four National Book Award winners, Stephen King, Amy Tan, Junot Díaz, Michael Chabon, Tracy K. Smith, Geraldine Brooks, Jennifer Egan, and many others.

Since it was opened to the public, there have been over 1000 signatures. A couple of these writers told Buzzfeed the reason why they signed the petition.

Stephen King:

“Trump is a pugnacious idiot with no real understanding of how government works. He is a consensus breaker rather than a consensus maker. To call him under qualified for the job would be like calling me under qualified to teach quantum physics. I’ve said this again and again on my Twitter feed. He’s an embarrassment to the Republican party, and a bad buy for America.”

Jane Smiley:

“I signed this, because, like all sane people, I think that Donald Trump is dangerous and irresponsible in how he presents himself and how he treats others. Given his history, I do not think he knows enough to run a business, much less the government. He prides himself on causing chaos for his own pleasure, and I shudder to think he might even come close to being elected.”

Richard Russo:

“I signed the letter because, as Dr. King once observed, history proves that there’s such a thing as being too late.”

Author: Ope Adedeji