Once upon a time when oil prices were high and the economy of countries like Nigeria was booming as a result, the bulk of Nigerian politicians and leaders fattened their bellies with the financial spoils of the land.

Funds meant for the economy were squared away during that time when corruption had the upper hand in the daily running of affairs in the country.

Away from that time, new times are here. With the falling price of oil resulting in the subsequent fall of the Nigerian economy, the proverbial desperate times is here and sure calls for desperate measures.

In light of the corruption that pervades the Nigerian system, the Buhari-led administration is bent on ridding the system of corruption, a move they believe would help make better the Nigerian economy.

In the one year since the Buhari-led administration came to power, many corrupt officials have come under trial and stolen funds recovered. To this end, President Buhari during his Democracy Day speech, marking his first year in government stated:

“We are also engaged in making recoveries of stolen assets some of which are in different jurisdictions. The processes of recovery can be tedious and time consuming, but today I can confirm that thus far: significant amount of assets have been recovered.

“A considerable portion of these are at different stages of recovery. Full details of the status and categories of the assets will now be published by the Ministry of Information and updated periodically. When forfeiture formalities are completed these monies will be credited to the treasury and be openly and transparently used in funding developmental projects and the public will be informed.”

True to his word, Buhari within a week released the total amount of loots so far recovered by his administration. This doesn’t yet seem to satisfy Nigerians as they expressly expressed their expectation to see the names of those the loots were recovered from.

In response to the numerous clamour from Nigerians, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, during a meeting with a delegation of the European Union led by the EU Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Michel Arrion, at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday sited ongoing investigations as the major reason why the names of looters were not released alongside the list of recovered funds.

“We have released the list of recovered loot, we know people are asking for the names, but releasing the names may jeopardize ongoing investigations,”  Osinbajo said in a press release signed by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande:

It is generally hoped that this government will continue to follow democratic processes and keep the people in the loop regarding future funds and assets recovered, as well as provide the names of looters, thereby keeping this administration transparent and for the most part, corruption free.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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