Apple Dominates Top 5 Spots On Google’s Most Searched Words In 2017

Image: Apple Dominates Top 5 Spots On Google’s Most Searched Words In 2017

Google has released its rankings for the top Google searches of the year, which is an annual tradition for the undisputed king of the search business.

Top five searches include Hurricane Irma, iPhone 8, iPhone X, a guy, and Meghan Markle. The iPhone 8 and X is one and the same but the iPhone 8 was what we all called the iPhone X long before we knew what Apple would call its 2017 iPhones. That also explains why iPhone 8 ranks above iPhone X.

When it comes to people, you searched mostly for scandals this year, or so says the next top list. But there are some notable people in there as well. Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein taking fifth and fourth spot respectively.

When it comes to news, Bitcoin ranks second, and that’s hardly surprising. Hurricane Irma was the most searched for news topic of 2017, which is also not a surprise.

In the consumer tech department, we have the iPhone 8 and iPhone X taking the first two spots followed by the other hot gadget of the year, the Nintendo Switch. The Galaxy S8 slides into the fourth position, while Nokia gets sixth (Nokia 3310) and tenth (Nokia 6) places.

Movies? IT, Wonder Woman, and Beauty and the Beast take the first three spots.

When it comes to TV shows, Netflix’s Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why beat Game of Thrones. At least The Walking Dead isn’t anywhere to be found, which is appropriate considering how bad it’s gotten.

Justin Bieber’s Despacito led the way in music while Ed Sheeran’s Perfect came third behind his Shape of You.

Sheeran again appeared on the musician list coming fifth behind fourth placed Mariah Carey while Ariana Grande and Linkin Park took the first two spots respectively.