Okay, here is a spoiler no one wants to hear, especially today, the supposed day Apple is releasing the iPhone7 – Apple is not releasing the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus today any longer; it will only reveal everything there is to know about the phone, like prices and launch details.

According to insider reports cited by, Apple will probably kick off iPhone7 pre-orders on Friday, September 9, with the launch likely set for September 16.

In a couple of hours, the world will know the official launch date for the iPhone.

Meanwhile, a report from Chinese-language site ITHome says that Foxconn, Apple’s largest contract manufacturing partner, delivered the first batch of iPhone7 units on September 2, a total of 84,700 units with a combined weight of 46.69 tons.

On September 5, Foxconn shipped an additional 371,000 iPhone7 units to the U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, and other places – that’s an extra 211.50 tons of iPhone.

While almost 260 tons of iPhone7 units sound impressive, that’s less than half a million iPhones.

Apple is likely aiming to beat its existing 10 million weekend launch sales record with the iPhone7, so it’s likely Foxconn will be very busy in the coming weeks, delivering all those iPhone7 units it has been manufacturing for Apple.

Author: Yemi Olarinre