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Technology company, Apple Inc. has unveiled the brand’s new Operating System (OS), iOS10 which powers the iPhone and iPad.

In their words, they called it “the biggest release ever for our users”.

Here are all the features the OS posses that you should be most excited about or maybe, just have a knowledge of:

Lock-screen activities: The lock-screen comes with more advanced notifications that allows you answer mails, see a full thread in iMessage, add events to your calendar, all without unlocking your phone.

Android inspired widgets: The apps let you see detailed weather information, music playback information and view messages without opening the apps. The “Today” view now come a little more interactive.

Intelligent suggestions: Siri will be integrated with machine learning to give accurate suggestions while in a conversation. Say for instance you’re typing ‘Andrew’s contact is…’, it shows you the contact as suggestion to include into the message, as opposed to copying and pasting or going to contact to forward one. This will work for contacts, calendar and more.

Facial recognition in photo app: The photo app will be upgraded to build albums based on the faces of people in your photos. Apple will use computer vision to suggest highlight reels and photo albums from your camera roll.

The Apple map is getting a lot smarter with a blow by blow traffic report and suggestions of landmarks around your location.

Apple music interface: Is even now cooler. The white sheet backgrounds will serve as an emphasis to big and bold letters. The app navigation will experience changes too. They have taken out the ‘connect’ tab.

Finally! You can now delete integrated apps you don’t use. Remember how you have that ‘find friends’ icon that still all the years you use your phone, eats up space, yet you never use it? Well, not anymore. Now, make them wiggle and delete.

Apple news redesigned with breaking news and subscription notification.

The Phone app now includes voicemail transcription. The best part about this is that it’s free. Numbers that are spam will be identified as one for you. The Phone app will also support multiple phone numbers for you to be reached at, like a home and work number.

The exciting message app! Apple iOS 10 feature makes messaging even playful and a little more interactive with predictive emoji, and background activities.

See Apple iOS 10 trailer below:

Author: Cerebral Lemon