And so I received an inbox message. A classmate from the 1940’s had sent me one. I didn’t even realize we were friends on Facebook. It’s been sooo long.

Classmate: ‘Hello Siju, Your posts encourages me. I look forward to them. May God grant you more wisdom’.

Me: ‘Awwwwn, thank you so much 😳😳. How are you and how have you been? Wow, it’s been ages!’

( I use the wrong smilies I know 😀😀😀😀).

We went on playing catch up.


I noticed the spring in my steps like 2 hours going.

I was gliding across the room with arms wide open like a butterfly, humming to some imaginary tune. Skate boards have nothing on me!

Pausing for some breath, I asked myself what the excitement was about and surprisingly realized the message from my classmate was the reason for the glee.

Wow. I didn’t know I like words of encouragement that much. In fact, if asked, I would have said I am really not bothered. ‘I just do me’. But here I am, grinning from chin to chin just because!

So it is for a number of us. We need to hear we are not doing so badly at this seemingly daunting endeavors.

We function better when our little efforts are appreciated. We perform wonders when someone says the most simple yet so material things to/about us.

It’s the end of the week, and a fairly new month. Go on, appreciate the people around you. And because it is a work day, a perfect Friday, appreciate your colleagues, bosses, Sales Reps, Cleaners, etc.

A tiny word of encouragement can do the trick in your business!

Show some love.

Whew! I need to clip my arms now, they are hurting from this butterfly pageantry I have been on.

Cheers people!

Author: Siju Yusuf