There are plenty of intelligent people in the world. Plenty of beautiful ones, plenty of inspiring ones, plenty of successful ones. Even compassion isn’t that uncommon to see.

All these traits are enhanced with approachability.

I’ve had a ton of classmates tell me that when they first heard of me they were scared to talk to me – for some reason they felt I’d shut them out.

I, too, have been intimidated by the seemingly amazingness of particular people

I suppose it’s human nature that we don’t want to be judged or feel inferior to the “legends,” and so approachability really stands out when it exists.

Someone with approachability causes people to make opportunities to talk to him/her instead of being afraid.

Someone that radiates a welcoming aura, who will listen to you no matter how silly the topic may seem, who’s just an amazing conversationalist, is much easier to like and to talk to.

It’s simply charming!

Author: Yemi Olarinre