At the end of every year and the beginning of another, a large majority of people indulge in retrospection and reevaluating some of their life choices. With this, the New Year resolutions – is often an inevitable rhythm.

As brilliant as some resolutions may be, it requires an extra effort to achieve them. It’s often said that New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but difficult to achieve.

While there are many tips to follow in achieving such life choices, there are practical ways which technology can help in making them realities.

There are several apps that can aide your decision and save you the time of reading books, posts and letters on how to achieve your resolutions.

Have you made a resolution this year? Do you wish to engage your smartphones more in order to achieve them?

Online Security – 1Password (Android, iOS)

If your New Year resolution is to improve your online security, to guard against hacks, this app is for you. Many a times, we get careless with our passwords and in that case, we settle for ‘easy-to-predict’ passwords. This makes it more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. Sometimes we use different passwords on different platforms and to recollect them when needed is a major issue. These are few of the problems Smartphone users face and it’s a New Year resolution for some.

1Password is a fantastic app that stores and syncs your passwords and other important information across multiple devices. If you hate passwords1Password just might be your new best friend. It works with your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC (not Blackberry or Kindle products).”

1Password generates strong passwords for you to use online and stores them securely, accessible through a single password (hence the name).

Reading and Writing – Bookout, Bear (iOS)

Reading is an important part of our lives and a common New Year resolution is a wish to read a book a week. At the end of the year, only few achieve that. Writing is equally another major aspect of life. A vow to write more is one of the popular New Year resolutions but how often do people keep to this? One of the things that enhance a writing skill on Smartphone is the platform and the app. You have a goal for writing and reading? Check Bookout and Bear.

Bookout is a fantastic iOs app. A major feature in Bookout is that it tracks your reading in real time and gets access to awesome stats that will help you improve and read even more. It adds quotes and thoughts for each book, get book details by scanning the ISBN code or searching – online and gather tons of insightful stats. Users can setup monthly or yearly goals as it allows you to set up the number of hours you want to read during a month and the number of books you want to read during a year.

“Bear allows you to write everything from quick ideas to essays and even books, then send your work to just about anywhere it can go. You can use tags, todos, cross-note links, and Markdown to stay organized and on task, and write faster than ever before”

Learn a Language – Memrise, Duolingo (Android, iOS, Windows)

To learn a language is a common New Year resolution. A polyglot is respected anywhere in the world.

Memrise and Duolingo are among the best apps in learning languages. Both let you learn a massive number of languages. Memrise is easy to work with and supports offline courses. It teaches you new words and phrases with pictorial representations.

Duolingo is a simple app and does not necessarily require registration before learning starts. It begins by using text, pictures, and audio to help you learn a different language. Once a section is completed, it forwards to more difficult tasks, to build on your vocabulary and sentence structure.

Keeping Digital Diary – Momento (iOS)

Sometimes pictures and videos are never enough to document happenings and events around us. There are some experiences that needs proper documentation for them to remain unforgettable. A major resolution is the vow to always record and keep a diary of some moments. Social media is one of the ways people have built a digital diary but some personal experiences are not shared on social media.

Momento is a perfect app for daily diary. Connected to social media apps, it enables users to write extra notes and save important pictures. It builds up your archives. It is a smart private journal that stays up to date effortlessly. Momento captures and collects moments to explore, relive and share your life story. Momento is an app you should try for your 2017 resolutions.

On momento, you can write private notes, add multiple photos & videos, tag people you’re with and tag places you visit. It has Day, month & year summaries and you can navigate with a calendar.

Smartphone addiction – Breakfree (Android, iOS)

Phone addiction is a major problem to many. For some reasons, in 2017, a New Year resolution might be to reduce the time spent on phone and become more productive. That addiction to smartphone reduces or increases productivity is subjective.

BreakFree is a revolutionary mobile app, aimed at controlling smartphone addiction and helping you maintain a healthy digital lifestyle. It tracks how much you’re using your smartphone and presents you with the evidence that (hopefully) helps you to spend more time in the real world.

It monitors phone and app usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone and apps. With visually appealing characters, graphs and stats, the app guides you on how you can control phone usage. A major feature is the ‘non-intrusive notification’.

“BreakFree warns you with timely notifications via our friendly character, Sato. Example: If you are using a particular app for long or making too many calls or have used the phone for over an hour, Sato will notify you to slow down.”


Author: Timilehin Boyinde

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde is a research writer and a social media strategist. A public affairs analyst, he writes about history, politics, sports, life matters and technology. He is passionate about happenings in Local and international political arenas. He is an avid Manchester United fan and an unapologetic Nigerian.