American RnB singer, Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena, United Kingdom, was Monday night attacked by a suicide bomber, killing at least 22 people and injuring no less than 50 others.

The bomb went off just as the concert was rounding up at the packed Arena, sending concert goers into panic.

Oliver Jones, 17, who claimed to be at the concert with his 19-year-old sister told the Guardian that he was in the toilet as people were beginning to leave after the concert when he heard a loud explosion.

“The bang echoed around the foyer of the arena and people started to run. I saw people running and screaming towards one direction and then many turning around to run back the other way. I just had to run and make sure me and my sister were safe.”

Suzy Mitchell, 26, who lives near the venue told the Press Association that the bang shook the neighbourhood.

“The bang was so big I heard it from my room which is at the back of the apartment blocks. Currently lots of emergency services going to and from,” she said.

A bar tender told journalists at the nearby Steven Charles Snooker Club that people were lying in blood everywhere.

“We’ve had a few people in with panic attacks and in all kinds of disarray. We’ve got four girls here- trying to get them sorted to get picked up.

“There was a gentleman on the floor with his leg all bleeding and woman with blood dowm one side of her face. One girl had a panic attack and another had streaming tears, a woman had a heart attack just outside,” he said.