amy chief

Director of Defence Information, Brig.-Gen. Rade Abubakar, says the army is committed to purging itself of corrupt officers.

Abubakar said this in Abuja where he told newsmen that the army was also determined to reform and sanitise the force and would welcome ideas from all quarters for a sustained professional excellence.

He said: “We will reform both the system and the operators; and principally that is what we are doing.

“If you involve yourself in appropriation corruption or financial corruption, then the system cannot go on with you.

“The authority knows, it has all the information, all the data and everything.

“And principally as an officer, as a personnel, we expect you to have a high level of integrity that you cannot compromise because of anything.’’

According to him, there is no corrupt armed force that is successful.

The director said it was important for officers to remain neutral and purposeful to their duty and shun partisanship at all times.

He observed that the military’s engagement in national activities was part of its primary duty in maintaining peace and security.

Abubakar said: “Politicians should leave the military alone; military is not for politics; if you want to do politics you know where to go, you can retire and join them.

“As long as we are wearing uniforms, we must be seen to be neutral, professional and must be diligent to duty to ensure that corruption in any form is completely eradicated.

“The force is a course known for professional excellence and that must be maintained.

“Our role in elections and any other form of activities nationally is to ensure peace and security, we are not involved in anything more than this.”

He said the military’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) which guides officers in their line of duty should not be contravened and that any officer that violated the SOP would face the consequences of his action.

On June 10, the Army confirmed the dismissal of some of its senior officers from service following the approval of the Army Council.

The officers were investigated for partisanship during the 2015 general elections.

The retirement of the officers were in connection with an investigation by the Presidential Committee on defence contracts.

Author: Cerebral Lemon