A Lagos High Court, presided over by Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye, has sentenced a banker, Olawale Garuba, to three years in jail for stealing from the account of a deceased customer.

Justice Ipaye said that the court had no sympathy for Garuba as he compromised his position as a banker “to steal from a deceased customer whose money would have been used by the family she left behind”. 

Garuba, who was accused of conspiracy to steal 30 million Naira ($150,700, £104,200) from the account of the deceased, initially pleaded not guilty but changed his plea to guilty earlier this month.

Nigeria’s anti-corruption body, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which prosecuted the case said in a statement that Garuba was found guilty on 13 of the 18 charges filed against him.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment on each count – a total of 39 years, which would run concurrently from the date of his detention last July.

Author: Cerebral Lemon