Agbalumo is called the “African Star Apple.” Although some refer to it as Cherry, but that is just metaphorical or similitude: cherry is a different fruit.

Yoruba calls it Agbalumo, Hausa calls it Shikena, Igbo calls it Udara or Udala. Its name with the scientists is Chrysophyllum Albidum, belonging to the Genus Drupe.

It is a seasonal fruit that grows in December and ends its show around April.

To know about the benefits and indigenous usage of Agbalumo, enjoy the poem below.



Before you go,

Come disvirgin the tastelessness

That coats my tongue.

Come disflower the appetite

That Intrigues my senses.

Cum your milky liquids on my lips,

That majestically elope

By the orgasm of my hard touch

On your meaty flesh.



Be sweet!

I’m not Omo Oba.

Don’t for that sake sweeten,

Be sweet because I’m Aswagaawy.

Transform the sour cherry-like inside

To a honey bee hive,

So that the taste lives on

In my system

Even after thou departure.



The picking frenzy of thee I venture.

The banking of thou seed I enjoy

For my Ayo, Suwe and counting job.

I’ll sink my teeth into your skin

And bury my molar into thy flesh;

Abracadabraing them

Into a flavoured chewing gum.


Chrysophyllum albidum!

Seasoning from December

To April your edible orange skin,

You seduce my memory

With your creamy pulp

That caress your dark brown seeds.



When you go, I’ll visit your tree

And wait till you descend again.

I’ll always honour your vitamins A & C

That surpasses orange and guava.



I salute thy calcium, iron potassium,

Phosphorous, tannin, magnesium,

Flavonoids, terpenoids, and

Phytochemicals that help lower

Blood sugar and cholesterol;

Preventing and treating

Homo sapiens heart diseases.



I remember thy roots, barks,

emmollientive leaves

And such anti-oxidant fruit you are;

Used for ages to battle diseases-

Yellow fever, malaria, skin eruption,

Stomach ache, Diarrhoea and Cancer

In sequence respect.



Before you go

I’ll kiss your flesh.

Before you go

Take a good care of me.


Agbalumo: African Star Apple

Omo Oba: Prince/Princess

Udara/Udala: African Star Apple


Ayeyemi Taofeek


Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi