We’ve come a long way. Yet, we still have a long way to go. If you’re told you’ll go places and you visited China with us recently on our way to heaven, it is an incomplete tour if we don’t visit these 5 places before proceeding to other places.

What is worth doing is what doing well. Remember?

These 5 places are not just popular places, they are beautiful, beauteous, interesting, fun-filled and breathtaking.

In the light of this, let’s dash out to:

#Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge


The world’s longest and highest glass bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge opened to the public on August 20, 2016. It offers a way to enjoy a panoramic view of the stunning Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon – if you dare to walk on it!

The glass bridge will not only serve as a walkway. Visitors can go bungee jumping and zip-lining off of it as well.

Its length is 1410 feet, Width is 20 feet and Height is 984 feet. It has a bungee jump and beautiful natural views of towering sandstone pillars.

The glass bridge started a trial operation on August 20, 2016. During its trial operation, no more than 8,000 visitors each day have the opportunity to walk on the bridge.

It is different from Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk. There are three glass skywalks in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, about 85 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge.

The glass skywalks cling to the vertical cliffs at a height of over 1,400 meters (4,600 feet).

The newest skywalk ‘Coiled Dragon Cliff’ opened to the public on August 1st, 2016. It is 100 meters (328 feet) long, 1.6 meter (5 feet) wide.


Beijing is the cultural capital of China with its many iconic sites like the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the hutongs, or Tiananmen Square.

There are many other sites to see in Beijing and it will take at least devote 3 or 4 days to see the points. It’s also a good place for visiting the region and in particular go to the Great Wall of China.

#Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city apart due to its colonial history with the English. Today, the peninsula is part of China but it still enjoys a special status with its own government. Besides, entering China and Hong Kong request a different visa to fit respectively on their territory. Neither allows you to enter both territories. The bay with views of the buildings is certainly the most essential place in the city! Not to mention the view from the ferries that run into the bay or visit the Big Buddha on Lantau Island! Finally, a side trip to Las Vegas Chinese Macau may also be a step of your journey. It’s pretty simple to arrange from Hong Kong.

#My Leshan and Emei


Leshan is the largest Buddha known to the world. It measures more than 71 meters high and it is entirely carved in stone. Avoid weekends because the site is very touristy. It may be a step before going to Mount Emei located less than 90 km to the west. It is a sacred Buddhist site. At the top you can access the temples of gold and copper. With a little luck you will see the Tibetan macaque.

#Xi’an and its army of terracotta soldiers

Image: Simon’s JamJar

Xi’an is famous for its army of terracotta soldiers. Attention because this one is away from the city. Do not plan to do a brief stop for a few hours to visit this site again. Travelers, having seen the terracotta soldiers, sometimes abandoning the city so that the latter has much to offer with: the ramparts, the Shuanglin Temple, Nan Dajie street in the historic area of Pingyao, or the tower of the city where a breathtaking view awaits you of the surrounding area!

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi