It’s day 7 in the New Year, and it’s still not too late to draft your resolution for the New Year.

If you’ve drafted yours – great – if you haven’t, there is ample time to do so. But while you’re working on your resolution, are you considering their implementation? As they say, it is easier said than done.

You should envisage obstacles that may come in the way of executing your resolution(s)? Have you prepared for any? Or when they come, will you jettison your dreams?

It is easy to say “God Forbid!!!”, but it is very possible to jettison your dream because of a small obstacle. It is possible if you’re not proactive.

But if you’re prepared, all the hurdles will be scaled with relative ease.

Obstacles, in truth, are inevitable because they are part of flights that makes life. Life is not linear. What you’re doing now, or have done in the past, need not determine what you can do next in the future. All you need is to be decisive and assertive. And always ask yourself this question; “who will forgive me?”

This was the question I asked myself one day while I was so deep in thought. I was looking back at the past, pondering on the present and thinking ahead of the future.

Before I could make a deep sigh, my instinct reminded me of the three enemies of personal peace which are: “regret over yesterday’s mistake, anxiety over tomorrow’s problem and ingratitude over today’s blessing.”

Then the question descended like rain on the right ventricle of my heart. It was summoned by an Intel that grew on my mind that goes thus; “There are three offenses in life; Offense to God, offense to mankind and offense to oneself.

If you offend God so much that it touches the sky, He is Oft-forgiving and will forgive and pardon you if you repent and beg for forgiveness.

If you offend mankind, they can change their mind and forgive you irrespective of the havoc wrecked.

BUT If you offend your SELF, who will forgive you?”

And I repeat, who will forgive you? Toward whom will you raise your hands for forgiveness? Assuming you forgive yourself, what difference does it make?

You offend yourself when you make the wrong decision; when you procrastinate when you are supposed to act; when you make people smile when you are supposed to make them frown.

That’s why I said earlier that “all you need is to be decisive and assertive. And always ask yourself this question; “who will forgive me?” anytime you want to make a decision, telling or not.

If not for the God-factor, being in the terminus of this question is like dwelling in a whirlwind of life.

So while you’re making your resolution, consider many factors. Be ready to actualize your dreams. Know that some of them will necessitate stepping on some feelings, will you then eat a humble pie and unmount the ladder to your panicle?

As such, you need to be decisive and know when to say “YES”or ” NO.” Or do you want to satisfy all and be loved by all? Then, you ain’t ready.

Finally, as Stephen Covey put it, “you have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say NO to things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger YES burning inside. The enemy of the BEST is often the GOOD.”

Experience teaches but it’s always bitter. A personal experience actually gave birth to this outpour – as such, a heartpour. So, please, don’t just read, learn and act upon it too.

I wish you success and divine intervention cum inspiration while you make decision(s) for this fresh year and nearest future.

Have a sweet life and see you at the top.


Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi