Image: Black Girls Graduate

Image: Black Girls Graduate

American actress, Gabrielle Union, filed a lawsuit against Black Entertainment Television (BET) network on Tuesday for breaching the contract she had with the network for her role as Mary Jane in the series, “Being Mary Jane”.

The 42-year-old actress filed the lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that the network was trying to evade paying her for a full season by making her shoot 20 episodes for season 4 and 5 – 10 apiece.

According to Union’s contract, she is expecting to receive $150,000 for season 4 while she gets a raise of $15,000 for season 5.

If BET had successfully merged the two seasons as they had attempted to, Union would have lost out on the $165,000 she was supposed to be paid for the season.

With Union now asking for $1 million in damages in her lawsuit, what BET is set to lose if she wins far outweighs the sum they would have paid her for the season 5.

Author: Yemi Olarinre