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The Formation singer who has been famed for her support for women, as a strong feminist was recently accused of exploiting Sri Lankan women for her new sports wear brand, Ivy Park.

In line with practices most American clothing labels are into, the superstar singer outsourced the manufacturing of her clothes to Sri Lanka where staff are being paid $7 per day. At the retail price of $144 per leggings, some have viewed this to be outrageous.

Beyonce and her team have replied that they strive to maintain the highest standard of ethical practice, paying more than twice the Sri Lanka minimum wage of $2.68. They have also stated that their manufacturing factories are contracted to meet a specified code of conduct. This was said in the statement released by Ivy Park

“Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program,” they said. “We are proud of our sustained efforts in terms of factory inspections and audits, and our teams worldwide work very closely with our suppliers and their factories to ensure compliance.”

Investigations are underway to verify all claims and more will be apparent soon.

Author: Cerebral Lemon