Not every seed grows on every soil. Some types of soil are perfect for some types of seeds, allowing it grow and reach its ultimate potential. While other types of seeds might grow just okay in a particular type of soil and even though it will produce fruit, it will never reach its ultimate potential because the kind of soil it is on is not essentially perfect for it.

For example, rice needs a lot of water to grow, which is why it doesn’t do so well in the North where there isn’t so much water and the soil is sandy and doesn’t hold water. But the East, grows a lot of rice because the soil there is clayey and retains water which helps the rice grow better. It doesn’t mean rice can never grow in the North; it’ll just need a lot of help doing so and probably won’t grow to its ultimate potential even with all the help.

As humans, we are very similar to plants. We are born; planted, nurtured; cared for, watered and expected to grow.

It would make sense to also follow the plant rule that the extent to which you will bloom as a human is dependent on the soil in which you were planted. But not, soil integrity never stopped all plants from growing.

Plants grow anywhere and everywhere, air, water, nutrients and sunlight meet, regardless of where. They sprout and grow and work their hardest to survive under the harshest of conditions. Stretching their roots deep and wide in search of all that supplies their sustenance. If plants can do that, why can’t we?

The physical location, background, upbringing, educational and social experiences shouldn’t determine how well we bloom in life. All the factors that occurred to set you up in your current situation do not matter. What matters is what you make out of it.

Do you allow yourself feel bad that you were not among the lucky few to be properly planted and thus shrink into yourself, shrivel up and die unfulfilled? Or do you bloom where you have been planted, regardless of your circumstances and determine to not just live and survive but thrive and thrive well.

Author: Yemi Olarinre