‘Daughters who walk this path’ is the classic African coming-of-age-story about a girl who deals with changing events and family situations that shape her life. The writer takes you into her life and allows you grow with her with every page of the book.

She lets you laugh with her at her happy points, cry with her at her sad points, and feel her pain at the moments when she is hurt. The reader shares in her victories and pain, her fears and triumphs and through it all, can understand how every action takes place because they can relate to it.

It is a tale of womanhood told from the very beginning of that hallowed phase, right up to the end, culminating in an understanding of every thought, action and word expressed throughout the story.

It is largely set in the rustic city of Ibadan where culture and history fight for relevance amidst the booming modernity of a struggling city.

The end of the story does not leave you wanting, like some good tales are wont to do, but ties up all the knots and wrappers that had been loosened in the beginning of the story, allowing you the respite of finality.

‘Daughters who walk this path’ is not just a story about a girl who goes through many defining and life changing moments that shape her in the course of her life, it is an unraveling of truth; bitter and sweet, an exploration of healing; lasting and complete, and a knowledge of how the ripple effects of certain choices and decisions made at a time can affect our journey down life’s path.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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