My Yoruba folks! Soon, there won’t be the need to visit a native doctor to know what a child will or may not become when he’s grown. This priceless insight we can now get thanks to a group of researchers in the U.S..

Led by neuroscientists at Duke University, this group of researchers undertook a study and proved that brain tests can predict a child’s inclination for criminal activity later in life.

The researchers looked at data from a New Zealand study involving a thousand people in the early ’70s until they turned 38 years old.

In that study, children as young as three years old completed a series of tests that measured their reflexes, language comprehension, motor skills, and social skills.

According to the Duke researchers, the three year old subjects with the lowest 20 per cent brain health grew up to commit over 80 per cent of crimes as adults.

The researchers, however, emphasised that brain health isn’t the only indicator for future criminality, noting that factors such as socio-economic status and child maltreatment can significantly impact adulthood behaviour.

Excerpts: Futurism

Author: Yemi Olarinre