Two days from now, Thursday, Britain will vote to either leave the European Union or remain.

For months now, supporters of Leave European Union (EU) camp and Remain in EU camp have lobbied extensively for support for their various positions.

In recent weeks, as the EU referendum vote closes in, campaign efforts have intensified. The leave camp call their campaign Brexit, an abbreviation for ‘British exit’.

While the previous polls were largely a draw between the Leave and Remain camps, with the Leave campaign leading last week’s polls, the final polls have revealed that support for Britain to remain has increased with a seven per cent lead in the polls over the Leave campaign.

This skew is most likely as a result of the tragic murder of Remain supporter and Labour MP, Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed to death in her constituency for her support for Britain to remain in the EU.

Her attacker, 52 year old Thomas Mair was heard chanting, “Britain first!” in support of the Leave camp before carrying out the attack.

However, despite the seven point lead of the Remain campaign in the final polls, the EU Referendum Vote which will take place on Thursday the 23rd of June will be closely fought as the two camps are still tied even as campaign continues in support of the two opposing teams.

Which ever side Britain decides to follow in the coming days, the truth remains that there are serious consequences awaiting them in the long run.

There is a threat of the stock markets crashing, increased fear of terror attacks, a shift in immigration laws, a decline of the economy and all other factors that will follow whichever decision comes about from the vote.

While most of the other countries within the EU are supporting Britain to remain in the European Union, Brexit support is still as strong as ever with consistent close margins with Remain supporters over the past months despite the surge of support in the polls.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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